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Proud Sponsor of the Alaskan State Fair Cosplay Day August 30th 2017.

Visit us at the fair for great specials, giveaways, and more! We will be located at #J-04 on the red trail.  On Wednesday August 30th we will also have a Cosplay Costume Contest.

Extreme Fun Center Cosplay Costume Contest Rules & Guidelines

Registration:  On Cosplay Day, Wednesday, August 30 at the Coming Attractions Theatres/Extreme Fun Center booth located in Pioneer Plaza at the State Fair grounds. 

Categories: Youth age 7-13; Adult age 14 up; Group (2-5 people dressed in same theme)

Competition Categories:  Self-made Costume; Purchased Costumes


Cosplay Rules & Criteria

Self-made Cosplay Costumes: Participant made your costume and props with little to no help from others.  Your costume was not purchased or made by someone else.  Outfits may be pieced together from bought articles of clothing, such as pants and jackets and so forth, but on the whole the cosplay must be entirely of your own making.

NO entry accepted by a Professional Costumer.

  • There is a cap of 25 entrants per category.  Once this limit has been filled no more entries will be accepted.  Groups count as  1 entry.
  • A group is 2-5 people.  No more than 5 people may enter a s group cosplay.
  • All entries will be judged individually unless entered as a group.
  • MC will not give microphones to any entrant.  Attempts to take the microphone may result in disqualification from the Cosplay Contest.
  • All entrants MUST show up at least 30 minutes before the Cosplay Contest begins at the Colony Stage.  Failure to be on time may result in the disqualification of the entrant(s).
  • Coming Attractions Theatres and the Alaska State Fair and all of their affiliates are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any thefts, damages, injuries, etc. to any and all participants and their costumes/props during on Cosplay Day or during the Cosplay Contest.
  • No excessive horseplay on, near, or behind the judging area and stage.
  • All weapons and over-sized props must be peace bonded.
  • Large costumes that may require assistance to maneuver must either have a least one helper with them or ask staff for help before the event.
  • All costumes must be appropriate to a family friendly environment.  Nudity will not be tolerated.
  • Judges will be using the following criteria to judge all entries:
    • Craftsmanship/Construction- how was it made?  Materials used, length of time to construct, etc.
    • Overall Look/Coherence- does the costume come together: hair, makeup, weathering on clothes/props, fabric choice, etc.  Does the group look like they are from the same series/costumer(s)?
    • Accuracy- how accurate to the character and original design is the costume?


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