Burgers, Baskets & Sandwiches

Extreme Cafe Food Menu – Order by Phone: 907-376-7223

Served with a side of steak, sidewinder, or shoestring fries.

Classic Burger (Add Cheese for $.50)  11.00

Bacon Cheeseburger  12.50

Alaskan Fish & Chips Basket  15.00

Alaskan Beer Battered Fish Sandwich  12.50

Fried Chicken Basket 3pc.  12.50

Chicken Tender Basket  Kid’s 6.00 / 8.00

Mini Corn Dogs Basket  Kid’s 6.00 / 8.00

Hot Dog Basket  Kid’s 6.00 / 8.00


Served with a side of Alaskan Chips.  Substitute fries for 2.00.

Chicken Bacon Ranch  8.50
Grilled chicken strips, bacon pieces, Provolone, Roma tomato, ranch dressing

Meatball Italiano  8.50
Meatballs, Provolone, sauté medley, pizza sauce

Buffalo Chicken  8.50
Grilled chicken strips, Provolone, red onion, jalapeño, ranch dressing, Buffalo wing sauce overdrizzle

Very Veggie  8.50
Provolone, Roma tomato, baby spinach, mushrooms, red onion, bell pepper, black olives, banana peppers, ranch dressing, basil pesto overdrizzle