Laser Tag



More Than Just “Tag”

Our next-generation laser tag facility features everything you could want from a laser tag experience and more. Featuring over 24 simultaneous players in each run, our laser tag matches aren’t just about shooting players for the fun of it – we’ve also got power-ups! With the addition of power-ups mixing things up, laser tag takes an all-new form, and customized game modes take form with it.

Using our LT-12 laser system, look forward to the best experience you’ve ever had in laser tag.


You’ll be blown away at our fantastic power-up system, allowing for amazing game modes featuring skills such as:

  • Deactivator – Ability to deactivate your opponents vest with a single tag. Tagging an opponent once with deactivator will require your opponent to return to the energizer or recharge in place.
  • Energizer – Ability to energize your teams vest with a single tag. This is the only time in laser tag where it’s to your advantage to tag your own team members. The Energizer player acts just like a mobile recharging unit.
  • Stealth – Impervious to all tags until you fire your phaser or the mode expires. Exiting this mode will leave your vest fully energized. Stealth allows a laser tag player to sneak around the arena to the best location.
  • Super Rapid-Fire – Ability to fire your phaser at incredible speeds. Everybody loves rapid fire in laser tag and the Super Rapid Fire mode is rapid fire on steroids.
  • Freeze-Ray – Ability to disable your opponent’s vest with a freeze ray that leaves them frozen for five seconds. Frozen laser tag players cannot fire their phaser, but they can still be tagged.
  • Invincible – Impervious to all tags for a set time period. Invincible is one of the most powerful modes.
  • Force-Field – Impervious to all tags when you are not firing your phaser. Force-Field players drop their force field and can be tagged whenever they fire their phaser.
  • Deflector – Ability to deflect all incoming laser tag pulses to the player that was attempting to tag you. When multiple simultaneous modes are activated, players deflectors can deflect mode tags like deactivator and energizer, too.
  • Computer Virus – Ability to infect and disable your opponents vest with a single tag. Laser tag players infected by the virus must recharge.
  • Spy – Ability to change your team colors and infiltrate the opposing team. Spy’s flash their true team colors only when they are tagged by the opposing team. Laser tag players on the spy’s own team cannot tag the spy.
  • Invisible – Turns pack lights off so opposing players can’t easily see or identify the invisible laser tag player. The player’s lights will flash when they fire their phaser.
  • Bonus – Ability to increase the points scored from any tag. Bonus players receive a bonus score for all bases and opposing players they tag.