XD Dark Ride

Experience the thrill of a roller-coaster and the excitement of a state-of-the-art laser blasting game all at once! Our 8 seat theater, massive movie screen and the newest 3D technology will keep your senses reeling as you RIDE, BLAST and COMPETE your way into other dimensions!


SYNOPSIS: In order to save the world from colossal damage…The bots must be defeated and the masterminds behind the attack terminated once and for all! Armies of alien robots have descended upon the Earth and are wreaking havoc in a bid to take control of the planet. Skyscrapers crumble to the ground as giant sinkholes swallow buildings whole. Helicopters are pulled from the sky while chaos reigns on the streets below.

NOW SHOWING: Road Fighters

SYNOPSIS: 2156…Year of destruction. Pollution, famine and wars brought civilization to an end: a new humanity is born, rebooted. Survivors affected by high levels of radiation have been spared and are now fighting for their lives  They rely on machinery to attack; but they’re fighting towards the same goal: finding food. Don’t let them be your end!

NOW SHOWING: Werewolves

SYNOPSIS: The city is being decimated as the creatures gain in numbers. Located in London at the turn of the century. A poisonous gas unleashed into the air is turning men and women into ferocious werewolves. Bodies are ravaged in the streets while carriages crash and burn. Chaos reigns in this adrenaline-charged ride as we fight off the beasts that hunt us down and purge the city of their creator.


SYNOPSIS: Your first night of patrol. You just graduated from the police academy. You are part of the space patrol fleet that protects planet Earth. Suddenly a mysterious asteroid field appears. It is your job to investigate and prevent it from getting closer. What could be lurking in the shadow… A routine mission becomes a struggle to neutralize the enemy and protect our planet.